by Mason Berkshire and Collin Burke
(Boise, Idaho, United States)

Debbie and her best friend Torrie were always side by side. During lunch they were always together. There as a girl named Kelly who always sat by them on purpose. They often didn't mind her, but there was only one thing wrong with her and that was she always laughed at everything she heard. If you told her that you are sad or mad she would giggle. If you asked her a question she would reply with a chuckle.

One day Debbie got sick of her laughing. She told her to stop and don't laugh ever again. Kelly was so shocked, she stopped once and for all. Debbie and Torrie felt bad so they said sorry and invited her to Torrie's house to have a sleep over. Kelly was happy and decided to go.

Debbie and Torrie waited for Kelly for an hour. There was no sign of Kelly. At last they got bored and turned on the news. To there alarm they found that there was a car crash. But, Kelly Johnson was in that car crash. They were so disapointed they decided to go home. Because they invited her, she was dead. They were so sad for a whole month they didn't have any sleep overs.

Finally they had a sleep over. Debbie and Torrie had a good time and went to bed. Debbie had to go to the bathroom so she did. On the way back, she heard Torrie's screams. She came to see Torrie dead on the floor. Her guts were ripped out and her mouth was sewn shut. She ran out of the room crying.

On the way out of the door she heard a laugh, much like Kelly's.

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Nov 18, 2009
by: Anonymous


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