La Llorona (the weeping one)

by Katherine Garcia

La llorona is an old myth about a woman that makes a mistake. It has been retold many times before. This is how I think it goes.

A long time ago there was a very happy woman. She was married and had three children. But one unexpected morning it all changed.

One day she found out her husband had been cheating on her. She didn't say anything about it because she loved him and didn't want him to leave. But a few weeks later, she found a letter by her pillow from her husband saying he was sorry but he just didn't love her any more.

As days past the once happy woman became bitter and started abusing her kids. She told them terrible things like how much she despised them and she even told them it was their fault their father left them. She would hide letters that her husband sent to the kids.

One day she grew tired of their griping and she took them to a river. She made them get in a big crate pretending they were going to play a game. The children longed for their mother's acceptance, so they did as they were told and climbed into the crate. The woman locked the crate and pushed it into the water.

As she heard the screams of her kids, the woman let out a big sigh of relief. Her joy didn't last for long. She realised she needed her kids. They were the only ones that kept her from feeling alone in the world. She went back to the river crying and praying that her kids would come back to her.

Before she tried to get back up, she heard her youngest daughter giggle. She looked back hoping to see her kids with forgiving smiles, but instead she saw nothing, and was some how pushed into the water by some unexplainable force.

That was the day she died. When her body was found, she was labeled as a jane doe. She killed the only family she had. Now her soul roams the Earth. She is still hoping for the forgiveness of her kids by the river.

Here is a warning to all. Don't let your kids wander off by the river. La llorona might mistake them for her own and take them.

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