Kitty and the Chua's

by Michael Wong
(Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia)

Kitty was adopted into the Chua's family. Being a few months old baby, Kitty became very lovable and is well taken care by Mrs. Chua and the family.

Mrs. Chua is a very meticulous and tidy person. She will bath him regularly, brush his teeth and play with him, and enjoyed all the funny things they do together. They just love and adore him.

Then came one Saturday morning. The CHUAs when to a pet farm and saw a Persian Cat. Immediately Mrs. Chua and the two young Master Chua wanted the Persian Cat because of it's Jedi – Master Yoda looks and followed by the 'Force' was with them that whole morning.

The CHUAs finally left the place and along the way Mr. Chua whispered to Mrs. Chua, that he preferred a 'Girl Faced Cat' and being a virtuous wife, she obeyed him.

Now that the Chuas have seen and desire for a quality and of pure bred cat, Kitty has to go.
Kitty and his parents, forefather and ancestors are all 'commoners'. They come from the category of no name breed and no face value.

Mrs. Chua masterminds a way to get Kitty dump. She will leave Kitty all the way four storey downstairs at the ground floor lobby and hoping that some stranger might to take him. Within couples of hours, Kitty with his animal instinct finally found his way back to the CHUAs home.

Now, Mrs. Chua have to take Kitty further away, perhaps the next block and she did. Minutes turn to hours and by midnight, there were no signs of Kitty coming back.

The Chua's were delighted and later became agitated. They began a 'cat hunt' for Kitty. All five of them including their maid searched the whole neighbourhood blocks throughout the night and with a twist of fate found Kitty.

Kitty now becomes a member of the Chua's family and they will never trade him for any Star wars or even a girl faced cat!

The Chua's are actually a very nice and marvelous family and all because of the 'dark force' that energy, drawn them into exploitation.

Sometimes, appearances can be very deceptive and just as "All that glitters is not always gold ".

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