Kiss of death

by Taylor
(Honululu, Hawaii, United Staes)

This is about a girl named Sara. She lived a scary and sad past. All her friends have died strange and Violent deaths. She still cries about it in bed. She is 15 now and still fears that she is next.

One sleepless night she went into a closet alone. She saw a strange door in her closet. Of course she opened it. Suddenly she sees her friends on the ground screaming their heads off. They saw her and started singing a song called "bring me to life". Strangely she started singing too.

She saw her boyfriend who died a long time ago. He pulled her to him and they both shared a meaningful kiss. When she woke up she was confused, it wasn't her room or anything she knows. She felt different. Then saw all her friend that died. She saw her reflection. She was dead

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