Killer Instinct

by Caitlyn R.
(Myrtleford Victoria Australia)

One cold, dark night five girls were having a sleep over and decided to watch scary movies. As they put one on, the words “BASED ON A TRUE STORY” lit up on the screen. The girls scoffed and said it was probably a lie.

Halfway through the movie one of the girls said she wanted a drink. She walked into the kitchen. Seven minutes later the other girls started wondering what was taking her so long. They heard a blood-curdling scream that was cut off with a gurgle. They looked at each other, eyes wide open, their faces stricken with pure panic.

They half ran to the kitchen, trying to convince themselves it was a just a dumb joke. The second girl shakily put her hand on the door handle, afraid of what was in there. She turned it slowly and pushed the door open. It creaked slowly until it was fully open. They gasped and started screaming.

The first girl was hanging from the ceiling, face pale and eyes open as if she was in shock. Blood dripped from the walls and onto the floor. Next to her were the words “You’re next” carved into her. A knife clattered to the ground and they heard a ghostly chuckle. They stopped screaming and started to whimper and whisper to each other. They ran to the front door, it was locked.

All the doors were locked and the windows barred. It was unescapable. One brave girl went back to the kitchen, ignoring the first girl's glazed stare. She tried to call the police but the line had been cut. She went back to the girls. She noticed the second girl was missing. She asked them where she was and they said they couldn’t find her. They heard an ear-piercing scream from the basement.

They rushed down and had to stop themselves from screaming again. She was pinned to the walls with knives. Warm blood ran down her body but she was cold and pale as if she had been dead for hours. The words “You’re next” were carved into her. They wondered who was next.

They all walked numbly up the stairs. As they got out of there, the door slammed shut and they heard the bolts click. Two down, three to go. They went upstairs to hide in the girl's room but as they reached the top of the stairs the third girl screamed and stumbled back as if she was pushed. She tumbled down the stairs screaming the whole way until they heard a snap and the screaming stopped abruptly.

Her neck was aimed at an odd angle. She stared up at the ceiling, pale. There were only two girls left and they vowed not to split up, but as the fourth girl turned around she heard a scream. She spun around and went to grab the girl's hand but she was a second too late. She watched helplessly as the girl was skull dragged down the stairs and thrown into a wall. Blood started to seep from her body and was soon everywhere.

The last girl closed her eyes and wished for herself to live. As she opened her eyes she saw something in front of her. Its body was deformed and its face was... the most grotesque thing she had ever seen. It was grinning at her and chuckling. She waited for it to say something.
“I... am... no wish granter, my darling. Guess who I am?” It said in a deep voice. She tried to scream but her throat was dry. It sauntered forwards towards her, she couldn't move. It was as if she was stuck to the ground. It stroked her face, then sliced her throat. Her head bounced once then rolled. Her last thoughts were... Killer Instinct.

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