Killer clown attacks

by Ana
(Toronto, ON)

The psycho scary clown man^^^

The psycho scary clown man^^^

Once there was a nice home near the woods. A family of four bought it and then, after the long move, the parents decided to take a little break and go out on the town.

The dad called the babysitter and asked if she could babysit. The babysitter agreed and the parents went out for dinner.

As soon as the babysitter came the children went fast a sleep and all that was left to do was watch them. After a little while the babysitter got bored and decided to go to the basement and watch cable down there. So she called the parents and asked them if she could go downstairs and watch a little TV. The dad agreed, but the babysitter had one more question and asked the dad, "sorry, but may I please cover up your clown statue because it is creeping me out?"

With a huge gasp the dad replied in anger and surprise "GET OUT OF THE HOUSE WE DON'T OWN A CLOWN STATUE".

The babysitter and the kids got out safely.
It turns out the man was a total psycho maniac who had no life!

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