by Jessica Martinez
(San Juan,TX,USA)

Jenny laughed along with her friends. She never knew she would end her life so early.

As she walked home, she felt like she was being watched. She glanced behind and saw nothing but darkness. She walked a little bit faster until she was home safe or so she thought. She stared into darkness until she heard a 'click'. There was a tall man standing in front of her, his breath on her face. He rasied a knife to her neck and she screamed. The man heard footsteps coming down the steps and as quick as a flash he was gone.

She started to worry, but soon got over it. She started to hang out with her friends until they dared her to go into a haunted house. She accepted the dare and went inside.

Jenny was surprised at what she saw. She saw the same dark man she saw earlier. She screamed and pounded on the front door, her friends thought that she was joking and walked away laughing. "What friends they are," she thought.

She saw another girl, her hands tied behind her back and she was screaming. The man plunged the knife into her chest and she choked. She coughed out her own blood then her face went blank. He cut a hole into her chest and pulled her heart out. He smelled the rotton blood then said, "I can kill you, you're missing." He walked in a circle around Jenny and said, "Well, don't you look like fresh meat." He chuckled darkly to himself, then cleaned the blood covered knife. He put the heart next to his lips and breathed in deeply. "You're next."

Before Jenny could scream she felt the knife in her chest.

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