by Zarina, 7 years
(Mountain View, CA, USA)

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Katie. There was her mom, her dad,her brother John, and her new born baby Lizzy. The baby was a girl. That day on they had been waiting and waiting for the baby to come, especially Katie.

The next morning at the hospital Katie's mother was waiting to show Katie the newborn baby. Finally, Katie and her dad arrived at the hospital.

Katie said that Lizzy is so cute. Lizzy had brown hair and green eyes. Then because Katie was bored, she drew Lizzy on a piece of paper. When they went home, John and Katie played with Lizzy. The next day Lizzy, Katie, and John went to the park. When they went to the park Lizzy went on the baby slide.

She liked the slide. When they went home, Lizzy and Katie drew together.

John and Katie went on a nature walk. Then it was lunchtime. For lunch they had bread with butter on top and milk. After lunch John read a story to Lizzy. They also made a story with Lizzy. Katie, John, and Lizzy painted on their walls. Now, Lizzy is three years old.

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