Just Me And You

by Gracie

I sat on the chair thinking what it would be like to go into a place called Candy Land. "Wake up Julie!" Ms Tulips shouted.

Everyone laughed at me. "Oh shut up children." Ms Tulips said. Ms Tulips was a strict teacher that came from Ireland. Everyone says that everyone in Ireland was mean until World War II because it shut them up. Of course I didn't believe them.

After school I walked down the hill where my house was. When I opened the door there were dead people everywhere. I remembered my mum having a party here with lots of people. I realised all of the dead bodies were the party guests.

I screamed as I ran outside. I was shocked to see at least 34 people in front of my house. I checked the whole town so I could find some help but nobody was there.

I heard rustling in the bushes after I checked my friend's house. "Hello? Is anybody there?" I asked. "Julie... Julie..." A hoarse voice said. "Who are you?" I asked. "I am the one who killed everybody!" the hoarse voice replied. "Why didn't you kill me?!" I asked. "Because I want you and me to be together for the rest of our lives!

MWHAHAHAHA!" the hoarse voice answered. "It's just you and me......... FOREVER!"

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