Jumpy the clown

by Alysha
(Sudbury, Ontario Canada)

Jumpy used to be in the circus until they fired him for unfinished work, and for always being cruel to other circus people.

One night, I was walking home from my friend Karry's house, when I started to have a feeling I was being watched. I ran home and went straight to bed. I got in my room and saw all my old clown toys, from my childhood, lying right beside my bed.

My mum was at work that night and she knew I was afraid of clowns, besides my mum would never try to scare me. I laid down and could not sleep, that was when I heard someone whispering my name. "Alysha, Alysha." The voice whispered. I tried to forget about it and count sheep, it didn't work.

The light in my room started flickering like on the movie "It". The power shut off and a scary black figure walked slowly from my closet. "Wh... Who's there?" I asked very startled to see someone walk from my closet. "It's me, Jumpy the clown". He grabbed a chainsaw and went to see my sister. He sliced her body in half, and said he was coming back for me. I jumped out of my window and went straight to my neighbours' to call the police.

Jumpy was arrested and charged for murder. I threw out all my clown toys and never again walked the streets alone at night.

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Jul 20, 2009
by: Nicole

Oh my gosh the end was RUINED! That girl should hav DIED or something. That would of been even better! Why did u let her get away with it! (the main character is a girl right?)

Not including that, the story was pretty good!

I did a 4 star rating only cause the ending was RUINED!;)

Oct 22, 2008
by: Anonymous

Way too scary! You never know if a little kid is reading this. When I saw the picture I almost jumped out my seat. Come on, not a lot of blood please, but it is great to tell at Holleween.

Sep 30, 2008
by: Riley

That was awesome and creepy
It gave me goosebumps

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