Josh Sanders' possession

by Brianna A. age 11
(Waukegan Illinois)

Josh Sanders was a prankster . A good one at that.

He would fake heart attacks and fall to the floor, holding his breath. Which was why he had no friends. Except for Katie Franklin, who was teased all the time.

They would walk home together, but one day, outside the walker house, rumored to be cursed, Josh collapsed on the sidewalk. Katie wanted to kill him. "How could he play a prank on me now? I have to get home." Katie complained. He wasn't breathing, but Katie just told herself angrily that he was holding his breath, but she looked for a heart beat and it was faint. "How'd he learn to slow his heart beat?" She asked herself. "Oh no."

She began calling his name over and over in panic. She knew this time he was really ill. "Oh, I have to get help. He could die any second." She said in her mind and got up to go to a neighbor's house and call an ambulance, but something grabbed her leg. " Josh, if that's you, I swear I will grab a knife and kill you." She said without looking back, but when she looked back she couldn't think of a time that she was madder than this time.

She jumped to the ground and started hitting him, but she stopped when she got a glance at his face. Pale white with eyes as black as a shark. Josh wasn't there anymore. She tried to get up but he tackled her. His evil eyes staring into hers. For a second she thought she'd died.

The next thing she knew, she was in the emergency room. She was covered in all kinds of wires and had a lot of long deep scratches on her face and arms. She was confused. A parapsychologist and a doctor was in the room.

"You just saved your friend's life." The doctor said. Katie sat up quickly. " W-where is he? Is he okay?" she asked. The doctor walked over to her. "You've critically injured him, but ..." The parapsychologist walked over to her. "...but it wasn't you that hurt him. It was, you see, a spirit. Demon to be more detailed. A demon possessed your friend. He was going to kill you and your friend, but a demon possessed you and got rid of it. It's all right. But the demon's attached to you. It'll keep following you. We'll have an exorcism ready to do you and your friend tomorrow. Get some sleep and you'll see your friend tomorrow."

That night, someone went into her room. But she didn't know who. It wasn't Josh or any of the doctors. Someone as walking towards her with a knife. She was lucky to have survived. She had been stabbed twice and was still able to do the exorcism the next morning. The demon that came out of Josh was a tall man with shark eyes and horns. But the one that came out of Katie ... was herself.

The demon jumped at Katie and Josh . The next day, they were announced to be in a coma. But they recovered. Josh never faked a heart attack again. But they wonder when that demon will return to really hurt them.

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