Jolly Couple

by Vaman

We had let out one portion of our home to a childless couple. Husband was an Inspector of Police and his wife an ideal housewife. If a person was caught for the offence of theft or cheat, he never hesitates to give him severe punishment.

His duty used to commence early in the morning and return home late in the night. She was a very kind hearted woman. She used to call all the children in the locality and offer eatables and cut jokes. I was enjoying a very good treatment like a son. If I miss even a single day, she was expressing displeasure to me.

Once, I asked her a question, if you were Inspector of Police like your husband, how do you behave with the public? She replied in two words as ‘very simple.’

My curiosity increased and I put another question,
“Could you explain me Madam?”

“I treat the criminals as human beings. They commit crime either for survival or to become overnight rich. I will provide them all the possible opportunities to repent and stop the activity.”

Thereafter, she went inside for sometime. When she came back, I was really astonished to see her with the police officer’s uniform and a stick in the hand. I was dumb and could not express anything on her new attire. She was instructing the cops working under her to work sincerely otherwise face the music. At the same time her husband came and witnessed the mono acting of his wife. Though he was happy to see his wife in the uniform, but never expressed it and scolded her for misusing the uniform. He even threatened to put her behind the bars for disrespecting the uniform.

Though, he was not in good mood, he enjoyed joke with his wife in the company of children. He told us that he was just returning from attending a murder case. He told smilingly to his wife not to commit such mistakes in future and warned all the children including myself not to come and disturb his wife.

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