by J.H.D

Once there was a boy named Johnny. Johnny had a little sister, Abiline. One day, Johnny's mother wanted him to go down to the butchers and buy a liver. Abiline wanted to go with Johnny, so the mother agreed and sent her off with him.

As they were walking to the butcher, Abiline was being most annoying, but that was all about to change. On the way, they had to cross a large bridge with lots of fast cars. Johnny stopped to hold Abiline's hand, but Abiline ran across the bridge, and got ran over by a truck. No-one noticed so Johnny ran to get her and dragged her across the road.

He was so angry at her when she was annoying, he hid in a bush, and ripped her open with his own hands. He quickly grabbed her liver and tucked it into his large jacket. When he got home, he handed it to his mother. When it was time for dinner, he sat at the dinner table with his father.

When his mother brought in the liver, they all started eating. " Wow, this is great liver" said the father with his mouth full "where did you get it from?" he said when he swallowed. "I don't remember" replied the mother. " Hey, where is Abiline?" they both said, " ummm... she's feeling sick" Johnny said.

That night, Johnny lay in his bed, when he heard "Johnny i'm coming up the first step", Johnny got scared and hid under hid under the blanket, " Johnny i'm coming up the second step" and then "Johnny, i'm at the door" Johnny stared at the door Abiline stood there with her chest ripped open and a knife in her hand and before he screamed he heard "Johnny, time to die".

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