by Chelsea
(South Carolina)

Jenny got tucked into bed one night by her mother. Her father was down stairs on the couch taking a nap. An hour after Jenny went to sleep she heard a voice that had awakened her, it said, "Jenny I'm on the first step Jenny I'm on the second step Jenny I'm on the third step Jenny I'm on the fourth step." Jenny got scared, so she turned over and closed her eyes.

The faint voice came back and said, "Jenny I'm on the fifth step Jenny I'm on the sixth step Jenny I'm on the seventh step." Jenny was really scared to the point were she couldn't move a muscle.

The voice came back again. It said, "Jenny I'm on the eighth step Jenny I'm on the ninth step Jenny I'm on the tenth step." The voice paused. Jenny hoped that it would go away and leave her alone. But,.... The voice came back and said,"Jenny I'm in the hallway...." Jenny saw a lady with torn skin in the doorway of her room. The voice came back once more and said, "Jenny...I'm IN YOUR ROOM!!" And the ghost lady got all close to Jenny's face and she let out a huge scream.

Her parents came running up to see what had happened. Jenny explained everything, but her parents never spotted that ghost lady....

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