Jack in the box

by Ashley

There was once a toymaker. He was living with his wife, dog and youngest grandchild, Callum, who was 4. His latest project was a jack in the box. It was so good that he didn't want to sell it. So he gave it to Callum.

It only had four fingers. One day the Grandfather, Grandmother and Callum were out at the shops, and when they came back they saw their dog lying under the bed, skinned.

Devistated, Callum unwinds the jack in the box. Strangely, this time the jack in the box only had three fingers.

The next day the grandmother had taken Callum to the park to have a picnic. The grandfather insisted for them to go by themselves as he was designing his latest project. After their picnic, they came home. But the grandfather was nowhere to be found.

They didn't take it seriously. They thought he might be out at the shops. Waiting patiently Callum was playing with jack in the box. This time, it only had 2 fingers. Curiously Callum walked into the kitchen and heard a noise in the cupboard.

He opened the cupboard and out fell all these bones and blood.

The next day his grandmother and himself went out for dinner. She had to go to the bathroom so Callum just waited there patiently. It had been 15 minutes and she hadn't come back yet.

He walked into the bathroom and found his grandmothers head in one of the toilets.

He left the restarent by himself, and walked home. As terrified as ever opened the jack in the box only to find 1 finger left.

The police came to the house a few days later and found Callum in the closet skinned.

And the jack in the box was sitting on the bed with no fingers.

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