It was the dead of night

by William and Kate

It was the dead of night. We were alone. There was nothing we could do, the car had given up on us.

"I'll go out and try and get some help." Jamie said to me. I agreed. I watched as he walked off into the darkness.

As a child I had been really afraid of the dark. I thought I had gotten over it but my fear seemed to have pushed through. I was scared. I pulled my coat around me. There was no wind but a chill swept through my body. I turned my head quickly, I knew something was wrong. I turned my head again, just to make sure. That was the last move I made.

Jamie returned with the news that someone would be there within half an hour. "Lizzie, someone's coming to help... Lizzie... Lizzie?" He looked everywhere, he couldn't find her. He sat down in the car feeling really worried. He looked behind him. That was the last move he made.

Police found the car in the morning, they didn't find the bodies, but they did see blood. The policemen never returned.

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May 25, 2009
by: gangstagirl

i don't get it can u explain it

Apr 19, 2009
good start
by: rockyhorror

nice start, could be better but you will improve, keep writing!

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