It is trying to get in

by Andrea
(San Antonio Texas)

Hi, my name's... well it's not that important. Just pretend my name is Jessica. Tight now I'm in my room with my door locked and a huge pile of junk blocking it. It's because there's something there behind it trying to get in and it already got my parents and my older brother. I don't know if it's gone yet because I haven't heard anything for the passed minute or so and I just wanted someone to hear what happened just so they know.

Earlier about 1 am I was lying in bed I got kinda bored, so I got up and went into the living room to watch tv. That's when I heard something open the door. I thought it was my dad coming home late. I wanted to scare him so I hid behind the couch. What I saw it... it just wasn't human.

It crawled on all fours and had almost no hair. It made gurgling sounds instead of talking. It was horrible. It had huge teeth made for ripping things to shreads and worst of all it had no eyes, only scars where they should have been but it got along fine without them. When I saw it it made my stomach turn. I almost threw up but if I did I know it would have heard me. So I just softly trembled behind the couch trying to make sense of it.

Was it a joke or was this really happening? Could something so... so ghastly exist? It didn't seem possible but there it was right in my own living room looking for something to... eat.

It moved in a disgusting way. It almost dragged its body around but not as though it were hurt but as though it were natural to it.

It went into my parents room. I followed it, while hiding behind the door, looking through a crack. It opened its mouth and put my moms head inside and I heard a cracking sound. It did the same with my father. There wasn't any blood, it was just a horrible sound. I had seen enough.

I ran into my room and locked the door. I didn't think it heard me because it went to my brother's room. How do I know this? I heard my brother scream. That's when I really threw up. I piled everything against my door then I heard it scratching at it. It was trying to get to me.

I'm still here but I don't know how long I'll last. If you read this please help me, because I think I just heard the door unlock.

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