Is this what you were talking about?

by Sophie Kim
(Toronto, Ontario)

Once there was two sisters named Sally and Molly.

Sally and Molly were complete opposites.

Sally was scared of everything and she never played tricks on people because she was scared of getting in trouble. Molly was brave and outgoing, and playing tricks on people, was her favourite hobby.

One day, Molly wanted to play a trick on Sally. Since she could be scared so easily she decided to play a scary trick.

"Hey sally," Molly said to her one night,"Want to hear something scary?"

Sally, who was tired of her sister making fun of her, built up her courage and said,"What?"

"I heard that if you throw a pen behind you and you dont hear it hit the ground, it's because a spirit of a dead person caught it." Molly said.

Sally shook with fear.

Molly said,"I dare you to do it!"

Sally shook her head. "I don't want to." She said.

Molly went to her desk and got a pen. "C'mon Sally you have to do it. I dared you."

So Molly handed Sally the pen and Sally threw it behind her. Molly quickly ran behind her sister and caught it. Sally screamed, thinking it really was a spirit that caught it, and she died of fright.

The next day~

Molly went up to her room and played with the pen that Sally had threw. She knew it was her fault that Sally was dead. Molly stroked the silver pen and threw it behind her just as Sally did.

She expected to hear the CLANK of the pen hitting the ground but she didn't. Molly, who was usually brave, shook with fear. She slowly turned around...

"Hey Molly," The spirit of Sally said holding the pen in her hand,
"Is this what you were talking about?"

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Nov 28, 2011
by: andrea

very good wish the ending was a buit stronger it was very well put together and had good detail over all you did a good job

Nov 25, 2010
could do better
by: Anonymous

the beginning was could but your ending was weak and not very scary

Nov 22, 2010
The best
by: Anika

this was the best story i have ever read in my life i liked it.

Mar 20, 2010
by: Hafsa

Hey! That story was so good! Even I couldn't of thought of that! It's just THE MOST coolest story ever!

Mar 16, 2010
by: cleo cole

that was so wicked i loved it rock on

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