The next inspiring speaker of the 21st century is...?

Our next inspiring speaker may be your child. Have you ever considered that? It's possible. Great orators have to come from somewhere. Why not your son or daughter?

Throughout history, the most influential and powerful people have had to deliver moving speeches. Leaders and political figures can't get their job done without stirring the pot a little and that takes the written word.

Movers and shakers like Pierre E. Trudeau, John F, Kennedy, Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King could all move us emotionally with their inspirational speeches.

In school, I dreaded public speaking. Maybe you do too. Fortunately, I enjoyed writing and had a good memory. I would always research and write my own speeches, and would read them over and over, memorizing even the timing imposed by my punctuation. Forgetting your lines can put you into a frenzy, so be sure to write you own pieces. It makes them easier to remember.

After one speech, which I had down cold... but remained rather stiff throughout, my teacher bellowed out to me... "Good work, but I want to see daylight under your arm pits!" Obviously, I didn't have the acting part of it down yet. I needed to move a little... but I got good marks for content. The acting and expressions would come later.

Anyway, if children do learn to enjoy writing short stories from an early age, they will be able to improve their skills over time and may like their own work. They may get to like it so much that they want to share it with others out loud. With the right encouragement, you may be nurturing the next great, prize-winning speaker of the 21st century!

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