In The Law

by Earnest Gillespie

There was this man standing out side. There is this line of people. They are trying to get in to this place but the man at the door he say to everybody at this place that they can get in only if the let them self’s in.

Then everybody start asking them self’s what do that mean . Though a lot of people didn’t understand one person did get it and that person was all the way in the back.

The first person in line thought he could get the man to let him in by giving him something nice but them men told him this can’t get you in. The men yelled next. The forth man in line begged the man but then the man say’s why do you beg. The person says because if I beg enough you might let me in won’t you. Then man says why should I let you in what type of person begs to get what they want. A person that really want to get in.

I well I’m sorry to tell you I can not let you in. next the man said. Like the eight people in line had different tactic to get in he tried to force himself in but thee man pushed him back. The first person ever tried to force them self in just for that. The man took a long pause. The person was like yes. Then the man said I can’t let you in. the person say why I beg you please I need to get in. why the man ask. If you beg you learn nothing. That’s when the girl in the back of the line had a flash back. She thought about the story of her great grand farther.

The story is that he great grand farther stood at this door. He tried to get in this door she never really understood why until now.

That everybody has a law that they have to follow and one day a person will seek his or her law in their own way but a lot of people tried to seek their law the same way as the first person that stood at this gate. Her great grand father. He tried the same methods as the other people in line but she knew the one thing that could let her in. her great father begged like the fourth person in line and try to bribe his way in like the first. But the man told him he will take everything he gave him because he didn’t won’t him to fell like that he failed at something. But then her granddad grew old and never was allowed admittance cause he never thought of the thing that will let him in.

That what reminded her of why she was here because she thinks she has that one thing that will allow her admittance in to the law. The next men in line that of a lot of ways to get in he was really close to get in but he was just shy of the right answer.

It was getting close to becoming her turn but then like a few man skipped in front of a few people. But the man didn’t see it. So they came up to the door to be let in but the man will not be allowed entrance. Even though the man acted like he did not see them he saw them skip the lady that’s in the back them. He made them get in the back of the line.

It was never known that there was somebody sat at this gate before. The girl ended up having another flash back. She remembered another part of the story about her great grand father. He had stood at this gate for almost his whole life. Never did anything but seat at this gate this one stinking mangy gate.

How could a person waste his whole life sitting at this gate never to get in the law? What is this law that everybody wants to get in? The girl is getting really close to become next in line. This man comes up to her ask her why she is line. She says “to get in”. Why? No body was ever granted permission to be let in. then girl said I have the one thing to be allowed entrance. Then the man got real anxiuis.

Tell me he said tell me he said again. She let out a loud breath of air huh I’m sorry but I cannot tell you. So now finally the moment she been waiting for she is next in line but the close the line for the rest of the day.

The next day they stared the line were it left off so she was first in line she ask the man why do you set at the gate. He answers her to let people in the law. Well she tells him the story of her grand farther. I thought I remembered you I knew you grandfather. So is it true you she ask is it is it really. Yes it is. He stood at this gate his whole life almost. I know how to get in she said. She told him the thing she needed to get. It just so happen to be what she needed to get in.


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