If these walls could bleed

by JoJo

The walls bleed

The walls bleed

They say they're still there. They say if you pass that house you can hear their eerie cries. They say whoever goes in that house never comes out. They say they lie within the bloody walls, scratching and clawing, trying to escape, but of course they can't. They are eternally trapped in a world full of sadness, pain, horror, and despair... with no escape.

My name is Emilia by the way. Emilia Rose Heart. Oh, you don't know about the girls in the house do you? Well you see, 50 years ago in the house on Nomed Street there lived two little girls, about 9 years old. They were twins and their names were Ivy and Scarlet. They were both very "sick" and their once soft, snow white skin had turned gray. Their cute curly light brown hair had turned into black stringy hair, which look like long black vines swaying back and forth as they walked. Lastly, their once lively, friendly, vivid blue eyes were now pure white. Ivy and Scarlet weren't sick. They were possessed by a demon who wanted their souls.

Ivy and Scarlet would claim of being frightened by a blood soaked man with no eyes and cuts on his face during the night. They would also claim that they would see dead people in their house and that they wanted to go with them. However, the eeriest thing the girls would claim was that the walls would bleed. Their parents were disturbed by their daughters experiences and when their appearance changed, they were so frightened that they called a priest.

The priest came to the house around noon and had brought a bible with him. The girls parents brought the priest into the den where he stood with a rosary and flipped to a certain section of his bible. The girls parents then called them downstairs and they suddenly emerged from the hallway, startling the priest and their parents. Their piercing white eyes stared at the priest who looked down at his bible and began reading The Lord's Prayer. As soon as the priest began reading, Ivy and Scarlet's faces changed. Their eyes turned red, their mouths opened wide, showing huge razor sharp teeth. They let out a bloodcurdling scream that did not sound human at all.

Extremely strong winds began blowing, books flew off shelves, vases and lamps slammed against walls and shattered into tiny pieces of glass. Pages from the priest's bible flew around the den in circles. He kept reading more and more prayers, yelling louder after each sentence. Ivy and Scarlet chanted in a demonic voice, "The walls bleed! They will drown you! The walls bleed! They will drown you!" They kept chanting and chanting, getting louder and louder until they were screaming.

The priest kept reading while the girls' parents stared at the walls in horror. They read "Time's up". Just then blood began seeping through the walls and the girls began laughing evily. When the priest noticed the blood he let out a scream and tried to leave but the door slammed shut and locked. The blood rose higher and soon was up to their necks. Ivy and Scarlet rose into the air, still laughing and said, "He took our souls... and now he will take YOURS!"

The girls parents and the priest, drowned in blood, Ivy and Scarlet were never found, and no one has lived in the house ever since.

My friend Charolette wanted to go in the "Demon House" (as we call it) one day. I was scared to, after hearing that story a few years ago, I never went near it and besides, I'm not even allowed to go near it anyway. I can already hear my mom's voice calling me, "Emilia Rose Heart you better NOT go near THAT house! Do you hear me?" I hear it everyday before I leave to school, or when I go hang out with Charolette.

"Oh come on Emilia that's just a story," Charolette teased. "We won't know until we go check it out!"

"I don't know Charolette, it's getting late and I think it's dangerous. If the story isn't true, then how come nobody has lived there in 50 years? It just doesn't make any sense and it really creeps me out."

"Don't be a scaredy cat, Emilia. Nothing is in the "Demon House" and there never was. It's just a story to scare people," she said. I thought for a minute or two while walking a little closer to the house. As I thought, I looked at the house. The paint was peeling off the walls, the windows were cracked, the wood on the porch was rotting, and I felt as if someone were watching me through a window and it gave me goosebumps.

"This is a bad idea. Let's go home, Charolette. There's something not right about this place." I said as I began to walk to my house.

"Your loss, Emilia. I'm gonna go check it out. But, if I see Ivy and Scarlet I'll let you know!" Charolette laughed and walked up to the house and began to go up the steps of the rotting porch.

"Charolette! Get back here it's dangerous!"

"Emilia what's the worse thing that can happen? A spider gets in my hair?"

"Don't be stupid Charolette! You know what the worse thing that can happen is! Now let's get out of here!" Charolette didn't listen. She opened the door and went inside.

"Your so stupid, Charolette," I whispered to myself as I waited for her to come out. I waited several minutes and still no Charolette. That's it, I thought. I'm gonna go get her. I started to walk up the steps and as I did, I heard Charolette scream and it made me jump.

"Charolette! Are you OK?!"

"Help me, Emilia!", I heard her cry.

"I'm coming Charolette!" I yelled as I ran into the house. Just then I felt someone jump on my back and I screamed.

"Gotcha!" Charolette laughed.

"That wasn't funny Charolette! You almost gave me a heart attack!"

"Oh come on Emilia I was just messing around. I told you there is nothing in this house." Just as she said that, two little girls appeared. They had gray skin, long, stringy black hair, and white eyes.
"Oh my..." Charolette and I both said as we stared at the two little girls in horror. We knew who they were. We knew what our fate was.

"The walls bleed," they said in a demonic voice, bearing their blood stained, razor sharp teeth. Charolette and I both screamed and the last thing we saw was the two girls laughing and blood seeping through the walls.

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