I Should Have Shown It

by Teaa

May 27 2005 , I woke up and went to school. I was only in the third grade. Well my mom ran a daycare and my cousin was one of her students. He was only four years old.

When we I got home I was tired but my cousin kept messing with me. So I started being really mean to him. But when we were eating lunch he said I'm sorry for messing with you, I love you cousin.

I never thought that would be my last time saying I love you back to him . We played outside and had soo much fun . And then his big brother came and picked him and his other brother up.

3 hours later his mom comes to my house and I ask me do I want to come over her place I said yeah. But when we go there everybody ran up to my Aunt's car saying my little four year old cousin fell off the balcony and was bleeding severely. When I ran over to see him he was conscious and screaming . I was devastated .

The ambulance came and air lifted him to a children's hospital . At 1 a.m he was pronounced dead . I always think about him and saying wow it's 2010 and he would have been 10 . I miss him very very much . And now I'm 15 and I still can't listen to his favorite songs or watch his favorite shows .

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