I lived

by Desiree

I had just finished the laundry and decided to pack it up for the night so i locked all the doors and windows and got into bed. There was a dripping noise but i decided on the pipes leaking and ignored it.

It wasn't until 6 minutes later that i realized that it was getting louder. So i got up and went down to the basment to check if the pipes were clogged and leaking. But as there was no lights on i left the dining room light on and left the door open so i could see.

I saw my dog on the ground. I thought he was aslepp though his eyes were open so i just thought he was lying there. it wasn't until i looked at the pipes and saw deep red liquid dripping off and the same stuff all over the walls. Now that i thought of it there was a puddle just like that surrounding my dog.

Just as i was about to check the basment door slamed shut. I thought that the breeze from a window might have closed it untill i remembered that all the windows were shut. I heard a creaking noise comeing down the steps really fast and something slicing my stomach open as i let out the loudest scream ever.

The niebors must have heard the scream because i saw the basment door open and police rushing in with paremedics. I later found myself in the hospital and asking a nurse what happend. She told me the scariest thing ever... A creature was eating out of my stomache and ate one of my ribs but I was saved by the police whom tried shooting at the animal but it disapered fast.

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