I haunt my own dreams.

by Candace
(London England)

There was a young girl called Macie and she was about 20. She had just moved in to this crummy estate flat. It was disgusting. Cockroaches everywhere, Mice and rats reproducing by the minute.

One day Macie had this dream. She dreamt about a lovely cottage in the countryside. She could imagine it so vividly. As if she was actually living there. She had the same dream every night, and even when she wasn't asleep. But one day she was having the dream and she could see people in the house. Real people. And they were living in the house. She was a bit narked. So she tried to stop herself having these dreams but she couldn't.

The people living in the cottage in her dreams would gasp at her, and run away screaming. So was kind freaked out.

So one day she was driving in her car and she saw the house what she had been dreaming of. I have so got to buy this house she said to herslef. So she knocked on the door. A man answered it. The man gasped. Macie said 'is this house for sale?'
'yes' the man said 'but you dont wanna buy it.'
' why wouldnt i its a lovely house.'
' but its haunted' said the man.

Macie laughed 'so is it haunted often'
Yes the man replied ' u are the ghost THATS HAUNTS THIS HOUSE.
you see when macie was havin the dream she didnt no she was tressspassing in someone house. She never went to sleep again.

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