I forgot my speech

by Caitlin

This was it. My speech night. I wore a dress mum organised for me. We hopped in the car. It was boiling. I wound down my window. Our air-conditioner is broken and our car had been parked in the sun all day.

I hadn't had time to practice my speech and brought the paper it was written on. Whoosh! It flew out the window. This was a disaster. I didn't tell mum. She would be furious!

We arrived at the speech and drama place. I was nervous. I watched all the other speakers. They were great. I had a real competition.

"And that's why dogs chase their tails" said my best friend before a large applause. I knew I was right after her. I was petrified. I don't even know what my speech was.

I slowly walked up on stage. "I forgot my speech. It was a great speech." I said slowly, sadly. I saw that the audience were determined to listen to what I said next. Silence.

"It was about animals, drama, stories, just about everything. It had ten reasons why you should own a chicken. I can only remember one. They poo and make your lawn nice and pretty. Good compost. I had a drama thing on Shakespeare. I researched it and told every last word of it, but now I don't remember a thing. You see I can't remember things very clearly. I had info on heaps of birds, and charts, pictures. My speech would have gone for very long time. I had recounts on the story book Green Eggs and Ham. I also had a movie recount on The movie Elf. They were great but I can't remember any of that. I'm sorry especially to my mother."

The crowd looked around at each other. Someone started clapping and then a couple more, then people were cheering their heads off. I walked off the stage.

"And the winner is..." Said the host "Stacy Jay!" That was me. I didn't even have a speech. I had it. They thought that was the speech. Anyway I think I did pretty well.

My mother was very pleased and so was I.

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