I Can't Find You...

by Emily

Once, there was a man who had a wife. They often fought, so one day, the man decided to murder his wife. They lived in an apartment building, so he pushed her off the roof of the building, and she fell to her death.

That night, the man had a dream that his wife said, "In seven days I'll come back and find you." Scared, the man went to a supernatural person and told him the story. The supernatural person told the man, "On the seventh day, wait until it is night and go to your bedroom. Close the door and close all the lights. Hide under your bed, and close your eyes. But no matter what you do, DON"T OPEN YOUR EYES."

The man went home and waited until the seventh day. When it was almost midnight, he hid under his bed, closed his eyes, closed the door and closed the lights and waited. He heard the bedroom door creak open and his wife's chilling, cold voice, "I can't find you, I can't find you, I FOUND YOU!"

Do you know how she found him?

When he pushed her off the roof of the building, her head hit the ground first, so when she came back, she came the way she died:upside down, so that's how she saw him under the bed...

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