I Bled to Death

I know you think I'm crazy. I'm not. It happened. It really did. I don't deserve to be here. This is hell. Terrible, horrifying, and despicable hell. As I said, I am not crazy.

I was in my room with my brother and we were watching a scary movie called "Don't Watch This Movie". We started hearing sounds. Do YOU hear them? Listen closely. Do you? They were light footsteps.

My brother said he would be right back. It was a bad decision. Two minutes later, I heard him come back in the room. I didn't look back. And now, sitting on your chair, I advise YOU not to look back. I knew it was my brother so I kept watching the movie. Then he said, "Turn around." I turned around nervously.

Now, go ahead, YOU can turn around. When I fully turned around there was a colt 45 revolver in my brother's hand and it was pointing straight at me. He pulled the trigger and all I felt was pain in my forehead. The blood poured down my eyelids. Then, It went down to my mouth.

Everything went black. Now I'm here. And my brother is sitting here next to me. Look to YOUR right. Now left. Nothing? Well you are one lucky person. I keep experiencing this hell over and over again. But the twist is each time the title screen of the movie says something else. And so far it has said:

1. Don't Watch This Movie
2. I Told You Not To
3. How Does This Feel?
4. It's about to happen again
5. And Again
6. And Again.......

And the scariest thing is that I'm watching the movie right now and it's saying, "Don't look Back"

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