Hung Dead

by Molly Newman
(Australia NSW Sydney)

apple tree

apple tree

Michael's parents were all packing up for their new house, even their neighbours were helping them since they were pretty close friends. Michael moaned as he walked into the truck, as it began to leave and head to their new house.

As hours past, the truck finally stopped and parked in a driveway. Michael and his family were at their new house. It was huge as a mansion. It even had a swimming pool at the front with a fountain.

"This house is perfect!" gasped his father as he began to explore the area. They were all exploring the house by now. Sister had even jumped in the swimming pool but Michael was still exploring. He discovered a beautiful, tall apple tree in the backyard with heaps of fresh and ripe apples.

It was now 9:00pm. Michael was lieing on his bed in his new bedroom. His room was right near the apple tree where he could see through the windows. Michael gently closed his eyes and was soon fast asleep.

Around midnight, Michael awoke to a strange noise comming from his bedroom windows. He thought it might be the wind but it was sort of going "clark ,clark". Michael ignored it and tried going back to sleep but again heard the noise, clark clark clark!

The next morning, Michael was suprised to see the police. One of the police picked Michael up. Where's my mommy and daddy? Michael asked. The police with a sad voice said, "don't worry, they're fine. The wind was still strong.

As Michael turned his head around, he saw that his whole family was hung dead on the apple tree. The wind made their feet kick against the windows which went clark clark...

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