Hung Dead

by Molly N.
(Australia NSW Sydney)

apple tree

apple tree

There was once a family called the Smiths. Michael was the only child in the Smiths family with his two parents.

The Smiths had just moved to a new house near Evergreen terrace. Their house was fairly small about one story high and had a tall apple tree near the windows.

Michael liked his new bedroom because it was near the apple tree which he could open the windows and pick an apple to snack on.

One day Michael and his parents were watching the news. The news reporter explained that a mentally ill person has just escaped the mental hospital and to lock all doors incase. "let's go to bed, It's getting late," his mother said so off they all went to bed.

Around midnight ,Michael was woken up by a strange banging sound at night as if someone was banging on the windows right on Michael's room outside. The wind was howling. Michael didn't look out since he was too scared.

In the morning, he was suprised to see the police outside his house. The polie picked up Michael. "Where's my mommy and daddy? Michael asked. The police with a sad voice said "dont't worry their fine." The wind was still storng. Michael turned around and saw both his parents hung dead on the apple tree. The wind made their feet kick the windows making a banging sound.

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