How to make friends

by Effie F.
(Summerside PEI)

The Bear, Susy

The Bear, Susy

The Bear, Susy
The Duck Harold

Once opon a time there was a duck named Harold and a bear named Susy. The duck lived in a nest floating on a pond. And the bear, Susy, lived in a cave, obviously because she is a bear.

Well one day the bear went down to the pond for a drink. The bear visited the pond were Harold the duck lived. When Harold saw Susy the bear, he flapped his wings and glided over to Susy the bear, and said "Do you want to be quack... my friend, quack ummm? You're not scared of me?"

"No" said the duck "why would I be?" "Well" said the bear. "I'm a bear, I eat other animals." "Oh" said the duck. "That doesn`t matter, I eat other animals too." "What do you eat?" asked the bear.

"I eat any fish that I can find that's not poison." "Well I guess we could be friends." said the bear. "Well how should we start?" said the bear. "We could ask each other's names." said the duck. "What's your name?" "My name is Susy, what's your's?" "My name is Harold." "Cool, well OK, let's play."

And that is how you make friends.

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