How to have fun on an extreme sleepover

by Kylee

So i was at a sleepover with like six of my friends and at one of their houses. There were cool dudes in the neiborhood and doorbell ditched us. We decided to dress up in the darkest clothes we had and put eyeliner on our cheeks and eyes to show all of the cool dudes in the neighborhood that we were tough chicks!

The mom and dad participated in this. They filled up these like freaking huge water baloons, and put them in a like ice chest- bag thing and we were off. The dad and little brother stayed home with two water baloons and waited for the doorbell ditchers to come back. We went through the neighborhood texting while others were focusing on the houses. We decided to get other people to join us on our EXTREME MISSION as we called it.

We kept going we finally spotted the people in the garage laughing. We crept up behind them and threw water baloons at them. At the end they ended up joining us. There were two extra people. It was about twelve to one a clock when we decided to head back. We said goodbye to the people and left for home.

There we decided to have the extreme girl rule which is: WHOEVER FALLS ASLEEP GETS THEIR FACE DRAWN ON. It was sooooo funny! I was the last one to get my face drawn on. I basically drew on everyone's face that night. I either wrote GEEK or NERD or something else. The first person that fell asleep was a girl named Emily. We put JELLY, yes JELLY on her face and pits. We wrote all of our names on her face.

She woke up and nearly screamed. " What the heck??!!" We were laughing for like ten minutes. She didn't fall alseep for about another hour. That was the end to our EXTREME SLEEPOVER!

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