How roosters got their cock-a-doodle-do

by Ari, age 9
(Tea, South Dakota)

A Happy Sun

A Happy Sun

Many centuries ago when animals ruled the world, there was a breed of birds that were very sad, roosters. The only thing the roosters ever did was chase the hens when the hens made fun of them (which was frequently). They did not have a voice in the world. One sad rooster in particular was Roger Rooster. He did not like not having a voice.

Roger couldn’t sing beautifully like his cousin Ronnie Robin Red Breast, nor could he squawk like his best friend Eileen Eagle. He asked Ronnie how he sang so beautifully. Ronnie replied, “Because I have a reason to do so. I sing to let the animals know about Spring and Summer.” “I wonder why I can’t sing?” wondered Roger.So he went on to discover his voice. As he was walking, he saw Eileen Eagle, his best friend. “How do you squawk so much?” asked Roger. “I have a purpose to do so. I squawk to tell all the animals the news in the land and to warn them of danger,” replied Eileen. “I wonder why I can’t squawk”, wondered Roger. He sulked away to a quiet tree to think.

As he was thinking, the moon whispered down to him. “Roger, I couldn’t help overhearing your dilemma. I have a suggestion that you could try. Since the world is very cold and the sun is not rising, maybe you could persuade it to come up.”This will give you a purpose”, whispered the moon. “Moon I will give this some thought and see what I can do.”

Roger tried chirping like his cousin. It was not a pretty sound. He tried squawking like his friend, but that didn’t feel right. He even tried clucking like those horrible hens, but they just made fun of him. After they saw how upset he was they did offer to help. So they gathered all the animals together. The brood of hens led the meeting of animals. Everyone contributed a sound and after a short while they came up with………………………………………………COCK-A-DOODLE-DO!!!!!!!!!

Roger liked the sound and flew up to the tallest tree and cock-a-doodled until the sun came up to warm the Earth. All of the animals loved Roger’s new voice and decided that all the roosters should have that voice and purpose to wake the sun in the morning. All agreed and that is how roosters got their cock-a-doodle-do.

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