How Funny?

by Anonymous
(Costa Rica)

How funny can I be? This was the favorite words of Sam, all day long he would ask that to everyone.

Of course other kids laughed, or grumped at him. Some just didn't answered because they did not agreed with Sam. Sam wanted to be a comedian, it was his dream and he always searched for jokes in internet, all his jokes came from a horrible website that was the worst.

It resulted that one day a kid confessed him the truth and told Sam that he was a wanna be comedian, everybody burst out laughing.

Sam finally for the first time said something that came from himself and not from a stupid website. Sams come back was: hey kid any problem you wanna be a striper. Which was true he was telling no lies.

Since then Sam realized that it was better to get the jokes from himself and no internet besides that was taking others ideas.

Sam won every talent show competition with his funny words and who knows maybe someday he will go from wanna be comedian to an actual comedian.

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