by Christopher J. Havelock

'Well that's me done for the night. I'm gonna go now Ced.'Dwayne said to Cedric.

'Ok. See ya later' Cedric replied.

'Bye Dwayne' Janet shouted across the room. 'Get home safely'

'Bye!' Dwayne said then left.

Dwayne drove along then heard a rattling sound coming from his engine. His car started to set fire. Dwayne jumped out but the car exploded and he flew backwards landing on the ground.

2 Hours Later
'Ohhhhhh,my heaaaddd' Dwayne moans. 'Where..where am I ?'
'Hello snorer. I'm Emeretta Stonetear. And you are Dwayne Brutwilk,born ninenteen sixty five.' Emeretta says.

'Ha ha, yes how..erm what happ-'
'You were in a horrific accident Dwayne. Your left arm broke as you landed,you also knocked your right knee cap out of place.' She says sadly.
'Oh my-' Dwayne was cut short again.

'Yes it is bad but don't worry it'll mend.' She says. 'But for the time being I need to ask you some questions'

'Fire away'
'Well first,what is your favourite computer make?' She asks.
'Next,erm,would you be able to do me a massive favour?'
'Well...Sure why not?'
'D'ya promise?'
'Yeah i swear it'
'Oh good,would you kindly write out your film into a novel?'
Back at the studio.

'Dwayne usually calls me when he gets back and it's already been two hours.' Cedric shouts.
'Oh gaawww,where is he?' Cedric yelled at Janet.
'Look as i've told you twenty times I DON'T KNOW!' She replied.
'Well it's alright, i've called for Officer Lankvittel to help me search for Dwayne' Cedric says.

'Oh you haven't'
'Hello,it's Tom Lankvittel,i'm here for Cedric' Tom said.
'Oh you have' She sighs.

'Come in Officer' Cedric shouts.
Tom walks in and smiles at Cedric. Then he smiles at Janet and she fake smiles back.
'There really is no need to waste Tom's time for this.' Janet says.

'It's alright,I like the excitement!' Tom says.
'See it's alright Janet so stop worrying. Are you coming with us?' Cedric asks Janet.
'Might aswell just to get outta work' She says.
At Emeretta's house.
'I'm sorry about earlier. I have a short fuse. How far are you through the book?' Emeretta asks Dwayne.
'Well i'm making better progress than I thought was possible' He replies. 'I'm halfway through it' He smiles.
'I hope you're not rushing it Dwayne' She says.
'No not at all.'
'So are you halfway through the film or more book'
'Well you said you watched halfway through the film so i'd say i'm slightly further'
'Oh great,I can't wait to read it' She laughs.
Dwayne runs his fingers through his hair and sighs.

9 Days later.
'OHHHHHHH,Dwayne how far thorugh are ya?' Emeretta yells.
''Well give it another day and I should be just about finished.' He smiles.
'Great,heres some snacks and drinks for you. To get your brain workin'.'
'Thanks Emeretta'
At The Studio.
'I can't believe we could not find him yesterday' Cedric shouts.
'Oh give it a rest Ced,he'll be fine' Janet replies.
'How do you know. For all you know he could be dead or in some psychos home!' Cedric shouts.
'I'll get it' Janet says. 'Yep he's here,i'll put him on,bye now' She hands the phone to Cedric. 'It's Tom'
'Oh,Hello Tom,how are you?' Cedric asks.
'No time,look i've found Dwaynes car. It's exploded but no body in sight. There's a shack so i'm gonna check it out. I'll call you in a second.' Tom says.
'Okay.bye' Cedric says. 'Well he's found a shack and he's gonna call me soon'
'Oh you are all just too protective about him' Janet says.
'No,if he dies,I get fired,if he dies I lose my life,if he die-'
'Ok,ok,ok I get the point' Janet yells.
'I might call him now actually' Cedric says.
'Emeretta,Emeretta!' Dwayne shouted.
Emeretta was out the back in the shed. As she saw Tom approach the door she came to Dwayne and clobbered him over the head. She through him in the shed then started picking flowers.
'Hello. I'm Tom. Dwayne you remember me?. Hellooooo!' Tom shouted.
'Ohh my head hurts' Dwaynes head begun to speak to him. 'Scream,shout,it's an Officer. He's likely to have a gun, Go on shout. It'll end all o' this. Shout,SHOUT,SHOUUUUTTT!' 'HEEEEEELLLLLPPPP. Tom i'm in here. Help me please. If you see the woman kill her!' Dwayne shouted.

Tom opened the shed door and found Dwayne in the corner.
'Dwayne. Oh you're alive. Thank Go-...ARGH!' Tom yelled as Emeretta drove her axe into Tom's back.
Tom fell in pain. He tried to reach for his back. Emeretta retrieved her axe and looked at Tom.
'Dwayne quick run!,GOOOOO!' Tom yelled.
Dwayne went to run but Emeretta went to decapitate him. Tom reacted quickly and pulled Dwayne out of the way.
'Thanks.' Dwayne said 'Look out! behind you!'
'Wha- AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHH!' Dwayne was too late. Emeretta plunged the axe deeper into his back and heard bones crack.

'D..DDDDwayne...Ruuuunn!' Tom wailed.
'Tom,no!' Dwayne yelled.
'Dwayne get back here now!' Emeretta shouted.
Dwayne ran through the house. Emeretta tried to follow but Tom grabbed her foot.
Emeretta swung her axe and it chopped Tom's arm off.

'Darghaaa' He screamed.
'Just DIEEEE!!!!' Emeretta yelled. She swung her axe again and it planted itself in his chest. She retrieved it and Tom fell to the ground.
Dwayne ran out of the house and saw Cedric waiting for him.
'Cedric oh thank the Lord you're here!. She killed Tom...he's dead TOM'S DEAD!' Dwayne yelled.
'Dwayne,what are you talking about?' Cedric asks.
'There you are!' Emeretta shouted. She threw her axe and it landed in Cedric's neck.
'NOOOO!,Cedriiiiic!!!' Dwayne yelled.
Police cars zoomed round the corner.
'Put you're hands up and drop you're weapon NOW!' Officer Tony Greggs yelled.
'Step back officers or Dwayne gets it!' Emeretta yells back.
Emeretta plunges the axe into Dwayne's shoulder,he falls back in pain.
'OPEN FIRE!!!!' Tony shouts.
They fire at her over and over.
'STOOOP!' Dwayne yells.
3 Years Later.
Emeretta is still in hospital. Tom died as soon as Emeretta stabbed him in the chest. Cedric died three minutes after the axe went in his neck and Dwayne quit being an actor and became a wealthy buisness man.

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