Hide and Seek

by Aisha

Lake Feber

Lake Feber

Once upon a time there lived the Smith's, they just moved to this new house which was located right next to the lake Feber.

There were three children in the Smith family, a boy called Max, a girl named Carly and a boy called Tom.

The three childrens parents wanted to make a party for Max, Carly and Tom.

At the end everything was ready and the party is ready to start, the guests arrived and it was time to start the games.

They all voted and the result was Hide and Seek, a little boy named Frankie was the seeker so he started to count, carly, max and tom went to hide.
Max climbed up the old oak tree which was huge, when he got up he found a rope and held tight to it.

Carly opened the shed door she stepped in and locked the door behind her with a giant lock.
Tom found his snorkling mask he put it on and ran towards lake Feber, he jumped in went as deep as possible so he couldn't be found.

When frankie finished counting he went to look for everyone he found all the children except for Carly, Max and Tom, all the children looked for hours but they could not find them, Frankie ran to the three children's parents and told them that he could not find them anywhere so the whole neighbourhood held a search-party to find the three children even the police!

Sadly no hope the children were claimed lost so the Smith parents moved out and lived in a cottage away from everyone, meanwhile a rather rich man bought the house and thought that he could make a few arrangements to the backyard, the rich man told the constructer to cut down a large branch that was no use to the oak tree.
The worker climbed up to see what he can do with the branch when he got up there he found poor Max hung from his neck by the rope he used to hang on to when he was hiding.

The construction worker ran to the rich man to tell him what he found but the rich man had no intrest to anyone but himself so he told the worker to dispose of the body.

After that horrible incident the contruction worker went over to the shed and broke the large lock that was put there by Carly, when he stepped in he found little Carly lying there on the floor, it looked like she suffocated from having no air in the shed, once again the worker had to dispose of the body.

The rich man wanted a little bridge over lake Feber but the construction worker said that he needed to dive down to build a support to hold the bridge, so the worker dived down and suddenly saw Tom stuck there covered in sea weed, it seems that his leg got caught on some of the seaweed while he was down there and again thwe body was disposed of.

A call was made for the Smith parents and they were told the bad news about the children.
From that day on nobody in that town EVER played Hide and Seek again...

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Jul 10, 2010
three children
by: rahul

very nice story

Mar 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

nice story!

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