Hi my name is Baby Blue

by Safeya

"Truth, dare, double dare, kiss, command or promise?" Katie asked Lydia. The girls had been playing the game for a while and it had started getting boring. Katie let out a yawn. After a minute of thinking, Lydia decided to pick dare. The other girls gathered in a circle discussing what to give to Lydia." It better be something good now, or else I'm going to sleep," Lydia said sleepily.

The girls looked at each other and after a minute of silence, Rue said, "Ok Lydia, if you do this dare we'll each give you a tenner. That's £100 in total, you ready?"

"Oh yeah baby!" screamed Lydia with excitement, all signs of sleep wearing off. "Go to school now through the broken fence and stay there for half an hour. Then come back, make sure you record it." Rue spoke in a soft edgy voice that only increased the tenseness in the room. All eyes were on Lydia as she agreed to do it.

The girls opened the curtains slightly that were in Katie's room. They talked excitedly about Lydia's bravery and played a game of Monopoly to pass the time whilst Lydia came back. They watched her walk on the empty dark street alone until she was out of sight. The moon was the only source of light and the wind howled eagerly. It was very cold and raindrops began forming on the window.

Reluctantly, my feet dragged me to St. Almere's High School for Girls and Boys. I dug my hands into my pocket and blocked the eerie sounds of the empty street by humming to myself. I was surprised why I was doing this, I should have said Truth and told them about Chris, surely a couple of nudges and teasing was better than this, but if I did it, I would get a £100.

Once the school was in my view, I got my phone out and started video recording. "Ok, this is our school, looks pretty creepy at night, huh?" I said. Once I got to it I walked round to the back, through the broken gate. I ducked down and crawled through. Great, I ripped my jeans. "Ok, I'm through the gate guys." I walked through the playground and into the fire exit door. How stupid, it was open. They never locked it during school time and even after school, but surely they should lock it at night? Now I know why I came, I was sure I wouldn't get past the door. Grrr. "Yes. I'm in, oh yeah baby!" I shouted at my phone.

Now where? I strolled through the corridors, gaining confidence, it was a bit warmer here. "Ok, I did my dare, now I'm going back, yep £100 please," I laughed turning my phone to face me so that my face appeared and I managed to pull the biggest smirk anyone could ever have only to see, "Ahhhhhh..." I screamed. There was a face, but not my face. It said, "Hi, my name is baby blue, I am coming for you,"

"Ahhhhhhhh..." I ran into a classroom and locked myself inside. Panting, I realized I was clutching onto my phone tightly. It was black, suddenly, "Hi, my name is baby blue, I am in your school." This time I didn't scream. I quietly locked myself in a cupboard and breathed. In... out. In... out. She went, she doesn't know where I am, I'm safe. To reassure myself, I held my phone upright in front of me. Suddenly, it clicked to life in a millisecond and,

"Hi, my name is baby blue, I am in your classroom." I closed my eyes and prayed and waited... and waited... and...

"Hi, my name is baby blue, I am next to you..."

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