by jessica
(hemel hempstead)

One dark night on halloween and i saw these black outlines move in the shadows. it was not the best thing to do when you are in an abandoned graveyard.

i ran to the church which was in the middle of the graveyard to try and get away but it was locked. i started hearing something calling my name in a high pitched scream.

i started to run to try and find the car but i dark mist of fog came over the graveyard and i started to shout HELP HELP!!!! it was no use, no one was anywhere near here. i felt a cold boney finger on the back of my neck which stopped me from shouting. i lost my voice and didnt know what to do. the hands were rapped around my neck.

In the morning an old women was walking her dog and went through the graveyard. she went to where her husband was buried and saw a headless body. nobody knows what happened and it happens every year at the same time, same place and a headless body.

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