Having No Brain Will Get You Killed

by Shianne & Shiloh S
(Ohio )

There was this old abandoned farm house surrounded by a cornfield at the end of my road, it was the hang out spot for all the teenagers, I didn't know what they did in there, I just heard about,

I always looked at that house on my way to school, it didn't seem like a cool place,  though, one night my older sister was going out the window I said 'where you going?' she said 'I got invited to go hang out with jimmy and his friends at the house' I said 'what about your boyfriend?' 'he doesn't have to know' as she jumped out the window I said to myself 'she has no brain' ,

like an hour or two later I was getting worried, so I put on some pants and a sweater and I grabbed a flashlight and headed out the door, I was walking down the road it was soo dark, I was getting scared, finally I see the house, there was no light coming from the house, I was beginning to think she lied to me, I keep walking then I see a light flicker in the window,  so I started walking down the long drive way, surrounded by corn, I start hearing footsteps as if someone was running, then the corn starts shaking,

I hear a gun shot, It didn't really scare me, it was probably some teenagers, and someone hunting, so I yelled 'Emily?' searching for my sister, no one answered so I kept walking towards the house, I finally get to the house, I look in the windows, I see what looks like a living room and a whole bunch of kids in a circle, I don't see my sister, but one boy was saying something, so I listened, he said, '20 years ago in this house there was a farmer and his wife and 2 kids, one night he caught his wife cheating on him, he went crazy and killed his two kids in the kitchen and took his wife out in the corn and tied her up on the scarecrow post, shoved straw down her throut and taped her mouth shut put a bag over her face and left her to rot, then he went back to the house and locked himself in,

it has been two weeks and the kids haven't been at school the teachers got worried and called the cops, the cops went to the house to find the kids dead and cut up in the kitchen, the cops go upstairs and find the dad sitting in a chair whispering to himself, the cop says 'where's your wife?' he keeps whispering 'I'm gonna ask you one more time, where is your wife?' he stands up and says with a smile on his face 'have you guys ever seen wizard of oz?' the cop said 'yes, what does that have to do with your wife?' he then says walking towards the window 'she was born with no brain, so I put her where she belongs'

he then jumps out of the window running through the corn, the cop shoots him and he drops dead, they say you can still hear him running through the corn and a gun shot' I then freeze, and realized that the footsteps I heard running through the corn and the gunshot was the ghost of the farmer getting killed, I quickly look around me I hear something in the corn, I shine my flash light over there realizing it was someone tied to the scarecrow post, I quickly run over there and untie that person and bring them down, I take the bag off their face and It was my sister choking on straw.  

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