Haunting of Harlands Hospital

by Nicole W.
(St. Helens, Oregon)

Jake walked into the rusty old Harlands Hospital. Paint was chipped off of every metal wall, and rust snarled at you on every corner. The building was pure silence, and he was alone.

Jake found no courage in him, he felt weak and scared. It was himself, and his courage. Jake turned into a dark path way leading down to a flight of stairs. Every step he took, he took with such precaution, not willing to lose footing or tumble into one of the old cells where they used to keep insane people. Jake got down to the top of the stairwell, and peered down into the pure darkness. He turned around only to see a boy, about 5’3, standing in the center of the hall way.

“Hello?” Jakes eyes showed fear and his voice cracked in terror. “Who are you?”

No answer came from the saddened figure. He walked towards him. The figure became clearer with every step.

“Don’t come any closer” The man looked up with the face of a deer in the head lights. “You need to get out of here! Now, he’s going to come after you!”

“Who? And who are you?” Jake was baffled at the thought of someone else being here, and why was he so injured? The figure took a step into the lighted area. The boy had burns around his blinded eyes, blood dripped where fingernails had once been, and he shaded his face with his long shaggy hair.

“They call him the doctor. He won't stop until he’s got what he wants.” The boy looked up, his eyes where blackened with shame. “You need to leave now!” The boy ran off, most likely trying to escape this horror... he had survived.

Then Jake jumped! He heard a loud bang, like roadkill when it gets hit. His pulse jumped, and then he burst into a run. The halls started to feel like circles on a track, but more slick. He rounded down towards the stairwell again, and decided to go back and investigate. He whirled around the corner and found that boy's body laying there. Jake flipped him over, only to uncover a new wound, a bullet hole right into his chest. He brushed away the boys long hair to reveal his cheaks cut off, and bearing unbelivably blood stained teeth. Jake’s eyes widened, he couldn’t speak, or move for the most part.

Jake regained his strength and turned around. Another visable figure appeared. It was a man with a doctor’s mask on, and a knife about 5 inches. Jake knew he was a gonner. What was known as his last thought ran threw his mind, then he blacked out.

About two hours later he found himself in some sort of a celler. Jake called out for help. No answer. Again he screamed, he yelled, and thundered his voice. No answer. He knew he was stuck. Looking around he noticed that he was still in the hospital, he was down that stairwell. He was tied down to a chair, with rope implanted into his mouth.

“You wonder what you did wrong? You wonder why you’re here right? It’s because I got to you first. I wanted you, and I always get what I want. Never you, it was never about you. Revenge sucks, right? Well let the doctor explain and keep your damn mouth quite! Quit your screaming! No one’s here to save you, no more daddy or mommy, or big sissy. Let them go Jake, it’s your turn” That gnarling voice came threw an intercom. Tears rolled down his face, and dripped onto the blood stained cement.

“Who are you?” and what do you want with me?” Jake hesitated. “why..wh-“He was stunned to know such evil could exist, and that in a blink of an eye he was caught up in it.

“Didn’t I tell you to shut up!” the voice trailed out, and at the door appeared that figure again. “Now let's have some fun, shall we?” The voice rang out into laughter, walked in and shut the booming door behind him. The last thing I heard was the sound of a loud scream that shook the old hospital.

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