Haunted office?

by kathy janfry
(New Hampshire)

"im leaving now Jant"

"okay see you tommorow Quisa" replies Janti
"i dont want you all bye your self in this scary office at night. arent you leaving too?."asked Quisa worried.

"oh yeah i will soon i just have to fix up some curriculum that mrs Fancy gave me." explained Janti

"oh okay then bye and be safe." Quisa said confused and motherly.

you see Janti Kanton didnt believe in the office haunting. she thought it was a bunch of ridiculous huha. she says "if i cant see it or if its not tangable then its not real. unfortunetlty she was to become a believer.

that night around 11:30p.m. Janti, still at the office staring at her computer screan, with dark circles around her dark brown eyes, hears this weird banging noise she believes its just the pipes being that the building has been around since 1800's that, that would be the likely answer.

soon she began to hear footsteps coming up the stairs well she new that it wasnt the janitors because they had left 3 1/2 hours ago. so she feel tense when suddenly the footsteps just disapeared.

she now begins to think that there is someone else here with her. she still doesnt believe that the rumors are true about employee that used to work there before she had died 25 years ago.

you see there was this young superviser of secondary curriculum and instruction, her name was Peasley Minkgibenry, she worked hard and was dedicated to her work. a couple years ago one of the other employees were talking about Peasley and made a very funny but unrespecting comment they said "yeah shes was really dead-icated to the dead-ucation of these pesty kids"

a couple days later she had gone missing vanished into thin air. never to be heard from again. many of the employees still believe that the spirt of peasley minkgibenry is still here in the building.

soon janti had become quite uneasy while being in the room where it was said that peasley had killed herself.

janti had tried to put all of the rumors out of her mind and to try to finish her work so she can go home, but right when she had forgoten about them she heard an other noise except this noise wasnt like footsteps or banging it was actually trying to communicate with.

i began to wisper "janti janti i see you janti"
janti is now really scared and worried for her life. she didnt want to believe her coworkers. she replies "what what do you want with me"
peasley replies "i want your head"
"you want my head?" janti asks
"NO! i want you dead" says peasley clearing her throat.
"why why do you want me dead?" asked janti
"BECAUSE I DOOOOO" screams peasley

now janti is very scared and has been convinced the rumors were true. janti crawled under her desk in total shock and fear. she peaks over her desk to see if there was anything there to her surprise there was the ghost of peasley minkgibenry.

"you yo your transparent!" screamed janti
"thanks captian obveous" snotly replied peasley
"im going to kill you janti kanton"threatend peasley

"ooo ill do anything" pledes janti in fear for her life.

"hahahahaha" laughs a crowed of people under their breath.

"hey who is that show your selves" yells janti angery and frustrated.

the first one to appear out of the dark corner where the peasley ghost had been stading is quisa then the other ladies start to appear out of the shadows of the corners.

"you all think this is funny dont you! do you find this fun to scare your coworker to death? who planed this? who? step forward and show your face so i can see the person who planed this funny and exhilarating prank. quisa steps forward to appologize when suddenly janti runs up to quisa and gave her a big old huge and said thank you. quisa is standing there with a confused and questionable look on her face. when she asked " are you alright janti i think we scared you out of your mind."

"you did. thank you i see now that i was too wraped up in my work and needed a brake."
"muahhhahahahah!!! foolish mortals" said this misterious voice.

"what was that?" asked quisa
"i dont know it came from over in the corner" janti then turns around to look at quisa and said "are you trying to scare me again?"
no. i sware thats not me look hers my peasley dumby"
o no!

the end based on a true story

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Jun 21, 2009
by: Anonymous

In answer to your question, I think that punctuation really doesn't matter, PhilG. If they can write a good story that's all that matters. But, if they want to have a serious career as a writer, they should definately fix punctuation errors.

Great story!

Mar 05, 2008
by: Anonymous

It was really good but alot of spelling mistakes

And did you check your comment for spelling mistakes and punctuation? I think not.


Dec 02, 2007
by: SpellerChecker

Nice story but there was too much spelling mistakes, that kinda killed my reading experience but nice work

Right you are SpellerChecker, but I let it pass through anyway. I originally wanted to accept all stories as is because I didn't want kids to get bogged down and lose their creativity. I have been correcting more of late because I too cringe when I encounter errors.

So I'll ask you all this question. Should proper spelling and grammar be considered as important as the stories themselves?


Nov 07, 2007
relly good story
by: Emily

Hi that was a really good story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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