Haunted McDonalds

by Chris
(Melbourne, Australia)

Same McDonalds that's supposedly haunted.

Same McDonalds that's supposedly haunted.

It was our last day for first term and a few mates and I planned on going to Clifton Hill McDonald's. One of my mates brought a bike but to get there.

We needed to get there by tram, and if you live in Melbourne you may know you're not allowed to bring bikes on. So I decided to ride it for him and meet them there. By the way we finished school early, not only because it was our last day, but it bucketed down and a storm was following through.

I was nearly there, in fact i was around the corner, overly joyed to get out of the shocking storm as I was only in shorts and a t-shirt. As I turned the corner I looked up to the second story of McDonald's and noticed an explainable young girl standing in the window. She had a very blue, pale face among cuts and scars all over it and very short, scraggy hair with a females night gown.

She just stared at me and i stared right at the window where she appeared from. This only happened for a period of 2 - 3 seconds until I realized a car nearly hit me. When I got onto the footpath my heart was pounding a million miles an hour. I looked back at the window and there was nothing there. I went inside where all my friends were and ordered my meal. We then all left on the tram and it was my friends turn to ride the bike back. I glimpsed at the window for about 5 seconds until McDonald's was out of sight.

A few months later I was in the car with dad and we drove past McDonald's in Clifton Hill. We started talking about it when suddenly he told me it was supposedly haunted on the second floor. I just stared at my dad for about 3 seconds and had a blank moment. To this day no one knows about my experience.

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