Haunted Mansion

by Chloe C.
(United Kingdom)

In the misty cold morning at 6 a.m Heather, Charlotte and I... Emma, woke up from my sleepover. We decided to go to the shops near my house. When we walked through the foggy, cold weather we saw a ghostly-looking mansion. We were eager to see who lived there and what was inside, so we just had a quick look.

We walked in as quiet as a mouse, it was supposed to be quick, but, then it happened! Suddenly the door slammed, as if a magical powerful hand had pushed it closed. We were now absolutely terrified. Panic set in. There was definately no sign of escape! No windows to climb out and the door we went through was impossibly gone!

Fear and regret ran down my spine and made me shiver. Now we were trapped. Why didn't we just go to the shops? We looked at each other, pale as snow, with confusion. I was speechless, we all were, because of the impossible things that had just happened. We began to question ourselves.

How did the door that we came through dissappear?

How did the door slam itself? And why are we here... trapped?

This was like a terrifying nightmare, where you are trapped and can never wake up, except this is real. Luckily we had our phones so we had some light, we saw a long spiral staircase that looked like it could lead never-ending upstairs. So there I was, with my friends, alone, trapped there forever as in forever-ever! No one would know where we had gone, no one will ever here us, and we couldn't ring anyone. There was no signal.

When I went there I was about 13 but now I am 49. For breakfast, lunch and dinner... mouse, spiders, ants were on my menu. What a life! So that was it for all of us. We all regret it.

Don't ever go into a mansion or a place where you think it's safe, just to 'have a look', or you may end up like me.

When you finish reading this I'll probably be 100.

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