Haunted Garden

by Rianna
(Essex, England)

Once upon a time there was a girl called Lily, she live with her family in lovley cottage in small village. There was one thing they love is their lovley garden with lot of rose. But one day the cottage on fire and all the family parent, babies twin and Lily died.

The cottage was rebuild, for the next family of 8. There was a boy called Keith, who always grumpy all time. He even hate the new cottage. "Yuck, it horrible" he said.

One night Keith could hear a whisper " Keith, come and play with me, please" Keith got scare and tried to ingore it. "KEITH, DON'T INGOREE MEE PLLEEAASSE COME AND PLAY!" Keith decided to be brave and find out, "thank you, come on, let play" Keith relised the voice coming from the garden. So he went to garden, the place was beautiful with lot of rose, pond and path. "Keith, come on" the voice said, Keith tried hard to hear where it coming from. "Keith, In the shed, meet me please" Keith look around but no shed to be found." Keith,go thought the wild grass and you see the shed" Keith saw a bunch of wild grass.

"yes come" then aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Keith dead!

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