Happy Halloween

by Dani
(United States)

"Agghhhh!" I said. I couldn't believe it. It was Halloween, for Pete's sake! What insane teacher gives an assignment on Halloween?

"You must finish this assignment, children," Ms. Lenti said. She was in her witch costume - her everyday clothing. "If you don't, you all fail."

What was this woman thinking? No one was going to do her stupid assignment. No sane person is going to write 1,000 words of a scary story. She said 1,000, no more no less.

The bell rang, and Ms. Lenti stood up and looked upon us as if we were peasants. "Do not forget, if you don't finish, you fail. Have a good Halloween." We all filed out of the classroom, receiving a small bag of candy corn from my friend, Jessica, as we left.

When I got home, I got my costume ready. I was going as Ms. Lenti. I had an ugly face and everything. I called Jessica, Nichole, and David and planned our Trick-or-Treat route. We weren't going ask for treats, but we were going to play many tricks.

We met up at Nichole's house. She lived in the same neighborood as Ms. Lenti, Mr. Hender - our art teacher, and our principal, Mrs. Nelson. We stocked up with some toilet paper and eggs and set off.

We started off tee-peeing Mrs. Nelson's house, then took a U-turn on our bikes and went around to egging Mr. Hender's house. Nichole's neighborhood wasn't that crowded, but we still had to watch out for cops.

It wasn't until long after Mr. Hender's house that I saw it.

There was a small puppy that was chasing us. It looked ragged and skinny. I jumped off of my bike and tried to catch it. It ran off and the four of us trailed after it, leaving our bikes behind. We clapped and whistled, but it didn't pay any attention.

It was too dark to see where we were, and soon we were lost. We kept following the puppy and soon realized that we were at someone's front door. The puppy went in the dog door, and the door opened. The woman there silently beckoned us in. We hesitated. We all knew not to go into a stranger's house.

"Gabbie, David, Nichole, Jessica. Come in, please. It would be my pleasure," said the gravely voice of Ms. Lenti. She put her arm around me and pulled me in. Nichole, David, and Jessica followed me.

"Good boy, Scooter!" Ms. Lenti said as she heated some water in a kettle for hot tea. She was talking to the small puppy that was yapping excitedly and chewing on a bone. The bone looked odd. It looked...kind of like a cow bone.

"What are we going to do?" I heard David whisper. He was talking to all of us, but I was staring at the bone trying to figure out where I had seen it before.

Ms. Lenti came around with tea and sat down. We were sitting in a living room. "Did you finish your assignments?" she asked.

The four of us looked at each other. None of us had even thought of doing that report.

Ms. Lenti shook her head. She tsk tsked at us. "Naughty, Naughty. You four fail!"

She took out a bone carving knife from under the sofa cushion. Three of us quivered, but David was acting like a brave guy. "What are you doing?" Jessica yelped.

"Do you four want an A?" Ms. Lenti said sweetly, lowering the knife.

"Duh," David said, unshaken by the sight of the knife.

Ms. Lenti raised the knife again and used it to clean her fingernails. "Well, you four fail at life, but you succeed at death."

In that moment, I realized where I had seen the bone before - in my Human Anatomy class.

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