Happy clown

by Michael Pineda

It was a happy morning the birds were chirping there every day it was normal until it was time to go to the circus. My sister Lizbeth was should I say mean and not very bright and didn't care much. We got dressed and headed for the circus.

We got on rides and played some games it was a blast until... it happened. We saw a tent and a sign that said open time 6:30 so later that day we went to check it out. There were jugglers, men on ropes, and a funny clown. As I was watching the joyous crowd enjoying the clown I saw that the clown was staring at me I was scared but I just though he just saw me enjoy the play so I wasn't worried much. Later that day we went back to the hotel because we were in Las Vegas.

It was almost time to sleep but my mom told us that we can stay up in out room while she went to play seven more games of slots. So me and my sister stayed home and watched tv, the advertizements of the hotel of course ''there's never anything good on these dumb tvs'' my sister yelled.

In that mommnt we heard a knock... being the fraidy cat that I was, I didnt answer it. But my sister being the care less full answered ''who is it?'' . It sayed quiet she asked again. And some one answered maid service in a creepy voice. My sister was about to open it but I stopped her. I looked through the key hole and it was THE CLOWN. I was so scared that suddenly I brought my guts and yelled out. '' hey dad are we still going to play duck hunt with the re loaded rifle in your room?''. But after I said that the guy outside just said '' never mind I have a other job!''

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Dec 07, 2009
by: Anonymous


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