Hanging 'round with you

by Paige

Nonchalantly, I was running towards each house gathering candy, or trick-or-treating. Originally, I wanted to go pranking with my big sister Susanne. She told me in a snooty rich-kid way that I was too young. Watch, this twilight will prove that I'm not. What do I mean? I mean I'm going to frighten her until she poops her pants.

When I was all done, I went home scheming while eating candy and watching a scary movie. My parents aren't home yet from work so don't snitch on me. Ssshh.

Alas! Right on time when the movie ended and I was out of candy, I found the perfect prank.

When Susanne comes home and takes a shower, I'm going to get the left-overs of fake blood and write something spooky on the mirror. She won't believe it, which is the point.

She'll be dashing into my room and what'll she see. Blood smears everywhere and then a bloody stained knife. Sooner or later she'll freak out and come running to the end of the trail screaming my name and cussing nothing in particular. It will, alas, be ending at a trunk. The trunk will contain a note saying, "We have her. You can see her too. Just as long as you smear your own blood into this note. Only, when you're in the basement, turn left and your blood will be there. Turn to the right and you'll see her, hanging 'round with us. Try to save her and you'll see her hanging 'round with you."

She'll be rushing her legs to rough for them to handle. She'll be gushing in tears. When she does what she is told, she'll see me, supposedly me, hanging.

Perfect, huh! I thought so. Let's go see what she does.

Thirty minutes later, her plan went perfectly except instead of living the hanging part. She forgot that she would die if she hung herself. This wasn't a prank. It was a supposed to be a prank, instead turned into an accidental suicide. She was hanging with you.

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