Hands in the Walls

by Taylor B.
(Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada)

Coming to get you!

Coming to get you!

Momma says there aren't any darn hands in the walls, but they don't grab at her, no sirree! Only when Momma leaves and I'm all alone, that's when they try to grab me. I tried hiding from them once, but they just got angry and tried to drag me into the walls again (from within the kitchen cupboard, in which I was hiding). Momma found me crying and clinging onto the pipes under the sink, she scolded me for half an hour about hiding where she might not find me.

The hands come out of nowhere nowadays, popping out into the hallway by the living room and follow me right up the stairs and into the bathroom! Sometimes I scream, and Momma got mad at me for making a mess in my pants sometimes when I get to scared.

Momma doesn't believe me, she says there aren't any hands in the walls. I hear them laughing when she says this, laughing at me. I cry a lot lately.

It's hard to sleep when I feel the hands scratching me, and the arms wrapping around me to squeeze me to death. The arms are strong and white and full of icky veins that pop out, about to explode.

Momma got mad again this morning, she made me stay in my room to clean my bed (which I had soiled the previous night due to the hands) and stay there with my toys to play with until lunch. I cried when the hands came again, they hit me and grabbed me and tore my favorite shirt, and scratched me with their claws. They tugged me halfway to the wall that I could almost taste the paint. I cried so loud Momma came to see what all the ruckus what about.

She scowled and told me to stop wrecking my things, and that they weren't free. I sniffled and nodded. Momma would never understand.

Alice came over today, I asked to go to her house, but her house was getting renovated. She came over at 2, and we played in my room. I wanted to go outside, since it was summer....plus, I didn't want Alice to get stolen.

But Alice liked my dolls, and played with them for hours on end. I was almost certain the hands wouldn't come, but they did. They came when I couldn't stop them...They came when I went to the bathroom and they took her and my dolls. I cried again, and Momma asked where Alice went. I told her she went away, then wept more.

Momma made me dinner, then sent me to my room. The hands were laughing again, they were hungry for me, they ate Alice and now they want me more than ever!

I heard Alice's parents on the phone, she never came home. The laughing in the walls got louder. Momma said that Alice had left hours ago, and that they'd search for her as soon as possible. The hands appeared from the wallpaper, reaching out towards me. Momma's footsteps were on the stairs. I got out of my bed and started towards the hands, the snickers made my eyes water. Momma reached the top of the stairs, and headed for my door. I reached one tiny hand of mine towards the arms that reached for me, calling for me. Momma opened my door.

I was gone.

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