Hallow Hill

by Cara
(Peru, Maine, United States)

On Halloween at about 5:00, Lisa and her friends were hiking up hollow Hill when a noise startled then. They glanced around and saw some wolves feasting on some deer remains. All of a sudden, a full-grown bear appeared behind them, they spun around to run in fear back to the car when they notice it. The bear had blood drizzling from its mouth and teeth. It was back to finish its dinner when it glanced among the wolves feasting on the remains.

The bear chased Lisa and her friends until they got into the car. They shut and lock the doors just in time. The bear came up to Lisa 's window and started roaring. Lisa tried to start the car but it wouldn't start up. All of a sudden the bear jumped on top of the hood and started jumping up and down. Since the car wouldn't start the only thing the girls could do is wait until the bear went away.

By the time the bear got tired it was dark out and the girls were scared out if there minds. When they thought the bear was gone, they felt the car start move, the bear had pushed the car. They zoomed down the hill right into a tree. Lisa got thrown from the car. She was damaged pretty bad. She had cuts and bruises all over her body. She couldn't remember anything that happened.

Then Carol and a group of friends came and notice the crashed car with Lisa 's friends trapped inside. Some of Carol's friends ran to the car full of teens to tell them they were going to get help. Well the rest of Carol 's friends ran in Lisa 's direction, and then Carol tripped over Lisa.

The rest of Carol's friends screamed and ran to the car so they could get there cell phones to call for help. Well Carol looked at her hands they were covered in blood. Carol noticed Car on the ground covered in her own blood. Then Carol started running when she found a cabin and ran inside and started hiding in the corner. When Carol's friends finally got help and told all the information they had to. They heard a blood filled scream. When the help arrived they ran where they found Lisa but it was too late she had drowned in her own blood. Then they ran to the car where Lisa 's friends were and they got them out. Then they heard another blood filled scream but this went a little longer then the last one. Then the group followed the scream right to the cabin and they found Carol in the corner. The Teens two groups of friends and Carol were taken to the doctors.

They all survived except Lisa. There all great friends now and they all go to counseling. Every Halloween Carol and the two groups of friends still moan over Lisa 's death when they go to her grave. Then they go pass Hollow Hill and they can still hear the wolves’ howls and the bear roars.

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