Green eyed lady

by Beth
(Cornwall, England, UK )

A long time ago, in 1920 my great grandma was traveling along when her coach stopped to a thudding and a sudden jolt. Now, her coachman told her to stay inside but she didnt listen as she was a rebellious young girl at the age of 6.

as her feet Led her around the side of the coach she couldn't help but hear a gentle but Croaky voice. It sounded like a constant whisper. Her little hands pushed on the coach as she ran around too see who the mysterious voice belonged too.

"I thought I told you too stay inside of the coach" her father yelled, his face turning red with anger.

There's something you should know about her father. He used to drink alcohol, get drunk and beat his own daughter up. But when he was not drunk he was a lovely man. He would also lock Jenny(my great gran) In the closet for no reason other than his entertainment. Sometimes she would spend all day and night in there!

Anyway back to the story. "oh......but......I heard a knocking on the sides of the coach and I got scared" she lied.

Her father sighed and kneeled down to hug her. She took this too her advantage and as her dad explained it was just the wind knocking the trees against the windows, she streched as tall as possible to see a tanned woman with long black curly hair resting on her left shoulder. It was tied back with a orange head scarf. Her long orange dress came down to her ankles and she seemed to be wearing a black short poncho over it.

Great gran looked the woman up and down a few times and then looked back at her face with a puzzled expresion. Who was this woman? Why was she here? The woman smiled at the girl. And somehow her green eyes sunk into grans blue ones.

Gran would often say how pretty the green eyed lady was. And straight after the moment gran took her gaze away from the lady. She wanted too be like her. She wanted to speak like her. She wanted to dress like her. Her father pulled away from gran and held her arms.

"go back too the coach and i'l be there in a minute" he whispered. He gently kissed on the forehead and softly pushed her towards the coach. But gran wanted too stay,she wanted too see the woman, maybe even talk too her. "go on there's nothing too be scared of" he smiled.

But maybe there was.maybe there was something to be scared off.

Her father returned too nothing but air. The woman was gone. He yelled out the name 'ezmerelda' a numerous number of times and all gran could do was sit and listen. When suddenly 'tap tap tap!' on the side of the coach. A gentle Croaky voice spoke " Jenny, I know how much you wanted too be like me, and I would love you too. I will come and get you tonight, ok?" Jenny relied "ok."

That night Jenny was beaten again. This time it was worse than the other times. Jenny was losing blood. And all her dad could do was laugh. One thing kept jenny alive though, it kept her hoping and dreaming. Jenny waited and waited for the woman. she sat on her bed and stared at the ceiling, watching the cobwebs dance. Finally she fell sleep.

Her dream was peaceful and beautiful. She dreamt her and the green eyed woman were talking together, in the middle of the field. Jenny took ezmereldas hand and they started walking, walking down a tunnel. Towards a light.

The next morning jenny was found. She died in her sleep. Time to time great gran visits me. She tells me how much fun she's having with the green-eyed woman. But great gran isn't the typical, wrinkly, knitting gran. She's a six year old girl and shes my best friend.

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