Grandma is Coming to Stay

by Grace

Sam and her friend sat in the living room. They were chatting about their boyfriends. The door bell rang. Judy (which is one of Sam's friends) came to the door and opened it. Sally, Sam's little sister, was at the door. Judy brought Sally to the living room where Sam was. Judy asked Sally if she could play a game with her. "Let's play guess the picture." Judy said. Sally and Sam agreed.

Judy drew a picture of a house. She asked Sally what Judy drew. "It's a house." Sally said. "How did you know?" Sam asked. "Grandma told me." Sally answered. "How?" Judy asked. "She told me." Sally answered. "OK. I'm going to draw another picture." Judy said. This time she drew a tree. "A tree." Sally said. "OK. How about we don't play this game?" Judy said.

Suddenly the stereo turned on. It was a piano tune. "Grandma used to play that song to us." Sally said shyly. Sam walked to the stereo and looked. It was off. "But how?" Judy said in shock. "What?" Sam asked. Judy said nothing. Sam smelled smoke. The pictures were on fire, but the photo frames were still there. Judy smelled it to. They both stared at the photo frames with shock. Sally didn't care.

Suddenly the lights went off. On one of the paintings it said "Grandma" and had hand prints on it. The other painting said "is coming". The final painting said "to stay". All of the words were written in blood. Glowing blood. The lights went back on. "GRANDMA IS COMING TO STAY!" Sally shouted and disapeared into thin air.

Judy saw a figure in the window wearing white with white hair and black rings under her eyes. It was Grandma. Sam's dead Grandma. "I'm coming to stay." All of those girls were never seen again.

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